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Paul first picked up the sticks in 1994 at the age of ten. He cut his teeth playing drums in symphonic metal band Season's End from 1998 until 2007. The band achieved significant success on the UK metal scene with their debut album The Failing Light. They toured extensively all over the UK and Europe and made frequent main stage appearances at Bloodstock Festival.

While performing as a session drummer for various other artists, gaining more international touring experience, Paul then co-founded his own band Nya in 2007, with whom he stayed for four years.
2011 saw Paul successfully audition for the percussive theatre production Stomp and became a resident performer in the West End company at The Ambassadors Theatre.
He was also part of an epic 40 man Stomp troupe at the 2012 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony in London. The performance was viewed by 80,000 live spectators and some 750 million television viewers world wide.
In 2012 Paul joined London metal band The Defiled, for which he took on the pseudonym 'Needles'.
During Paul's tenure in The Defiled, the band toured almost constantly all over the globe, made numerous major festival appearances, and even become world record holders... As part of Jagermeister's 2014 “Ice Cold” promotion, the band played a gig on a moving iceberg off the coast of Greenland, making them the first and only band in the world to do so.
Paul performed drums on the band's second studio album 'Daggers', which was recorded at Audiohammer Studios in Orlando, Florida and released through Nuclear Blast records in 2013. The Defiled disbanded in 2016.
In early 2014 Paul was asked to stand in on drums for a three week tour of South America for legendary 80s heavy metal band Grim Reaper. Having completed the tour, he was then invited to take up the permanent position behind the drums, where he stayed until 2018. During that time, Paul toured globally with the band, completing multiple tours of South America, Europe and the US. Paul also performed drums on 'Walking In The Shadows', the band's first album in thirty years.
June of 2017 saw Paul become the new drummer for Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics.
As the name suggests, this band was formed by the former Heaven's Basement front-man Aaron Buchanan.
 Their debut album 'The Man With Stars On His Knees' was self released in early 2017. Having since signed with Listenable Records, the album has been been re-released featuring extra tracks which feature Paul's drumming.
The band continue to tour Europe and the UK.
Paul's most recent band is comedy country rock outfit Bootyard Bandits, which he formed in late 2018. The members of which all took on character names for the project. Paul's is 'Bamm-Bamm'.
The band has toured all over Europe and made a hand full of appearances in the UK.
To date, they have released three singles, including 'Hoedown Showdown', which is accompanied by an incredible Lego stop motion video, painstakingly created by Paul. 
Bootyard Bandits will be releasing more music and appearing at multiple festivals throughout 2020. 
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